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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lima Echo 1

From: Lt Kirok of L'Stok - Science Officer, USS Magellan
To: Cpt Davis, Jeffrey A. - Administrator, Engineering Research Outpost Project
Subject: Lima Echo 1 Project, Update

Captain -
  1. This is to confirm that the USS Magellan will arrive in orbit above K-427 in system Zayin 6 within three days. As arranged, we will be accompanying asteroid Lima Echo 1, which is being transported under Warp from the Sol system.

  2. Upon arrival at K-427 we will place Lima Echo 1 into a stable, high, geostationary orbit above the coordinates of the active geothermal area that you have identified. We have received word from the USS le Corbusier of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers that construction of the microwave power beam station is about to commence and should be complete within a planetary month.

  3. We will then arrange transfer of the combined Tellerite / Andorian Xenoarchaeological expedition that is accompanying Lima Echo 1 to the temporary quarters built by the le Corbusier, adjacent to the microwave station.

  4. We anticipate that the USS Magellan will be have the asteroid in orbit and the ground facilities functioning within two planetary months and will depart Zayin 6 shortly after.

  5. Fleet Captain T'Kyle sends her respects and could you please pass on to the EROP Project Directors that if they require the assistance of the Magellan during our stay, we will make every effort to comply.

  6. As Science Officer, I am looking forward to exchanging visits with as many of the projects as possible during our short stay.

  7. Detail telemetry accompanies this transmission. If you require any more information, do not hesitate to contact my department or myself. I will be getting in touch personally to confirm this shortly.
Lt. Kirok of L'Stok, Science Officer, USS Magellan


[Secure Subspace transmission: Kirok to Davis]
  • Kirok - Jeff, it is satisfying to see you again. It has been a long time.

  • Davis - Kirok, I still can't work out if you're the ugliest Vulcan I've ever seen or the craziest Klingon!

  • Kirok - Your humour knows no bounds still, I see.

  • Davis - … and yours is improving. How have things been?

  • Kirok - I'll be glad to get there to unload this cargo of XenoArchaeologists! Whoever thought of mixing Tellerites and Andorians on the same project should be given the job of babysitting them.

  • Davis - That almost sounds like emotion! Surely they are not that bad?

  • Kirok - Perhaps individually, but there is some sort of blood feud between the two co-directors and the rest of the expedition have taken sides. If they weren't disarmed, we would have had a bloodbath by now!

  • Davis - I hope they realise that once the Magellan and le Corbusier are gone, they will have to be pretty much self-sufficient? The rest of the EROP projects are only just getting on their feet themselves and they haven't developed much planetary infrastructure yet - some of them are here precisely for that privacy.

  • Kirok - Independence they do not lack, it is teamwork that they are useless at. I am not dropping off a xenoarchaeological expedition, I'm landing two armed camps! We've tried diplomacy, counselling, mediation - they either seem unaware that there is a problem or uninterested in solving it.

  • Davis - That's surprising, considering the subject of their Dig - Kirok, could you confirm security channel settings?

  • Kirok - Black beta 1.

  • Davis - Good. What do you think? Is this really the LIEF Erikson?

  • Kirok - Jeff, all the indications are that this asteroid is, or once was, named "The LIEF Erikson" and what sensor readings we can get of it seem to confirm that the facilities beneath the surface conform with early 22nd century technology.

  • Davis - I understand your problem is a computer security lockout?

  • Kirok - It's a long story, Jeff, but if you thought I was insane you should try talking to this computer!

  • Davis - Either your sense of humour has increased tenfold or …

  • Kirok - Oh, I don't want to spoil the surprise but, yes, insane is the best word to describe this Artificial Intelligence!

  • Davis - I'll talk to you again before you hit Zayin 6. Take care.

  • Kirok - Live long and prosper, Jeff Davis.


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