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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The LIEF Erikson, Urban Myth?

[The following is a paper produced by L'naa Tondaner Mxa, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Xenoarchaeology, Tellar]

The United Federation of Planets represents a political grouping of over 1600 planetary systems to date. Each planet is independant within its’ own boundaries but has agreed to be recognised as a part of the Federation in its’ dealings with other planets within the Federation and without.

The Federation was originally created by 5 races at the end of the Romulan War in 2161. Of these - Andor, Vulcan, Earth, Athens and Tellar - arguably the most influentiual has been the Human, Terran or, as it is known to the indigenous population, Earth culture. Their combination of all the traits seen amongst the sentient species of the known universe makes them a unique "common denominator" within the Federation. For example they are logical enough to appreciate and be appreciated by the Vulcans, they value strength of will as do the Andoreans and have a variety of well developed religions that make them sympathetic to cultures like the Bajorans.

This human centering of the Federation might been seen as a strength by us, but to those outside the Federation it has been likened to the ‘humanisation" of the universe, as if Earth is trying to extend its’ influence across known space in an almost imperialist swarm! Because of this it is important to recognise the origins of the Federation as a whole, to study all the cultures that make it up. It is with this in mind that, when we look at late 21st century Earth we see it as a fledgling part of its' local group of interstellar civilisations. How did they develop from a post nuclear conflict, semi-barbarism to one of the founding members of an interstellar federation of planets in one hundred years?

When the Vulcans made first contact with Earth in 2063 they are faced with the classic "Prime Directive" dilemma: how much and what type of technology should they give to the people of Earth? Giving the wrong type of technology to the wrong people could destroy the Earth rather than save it. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if one faction, especially one of the aggressively totalitarian governments that had control of major blocks of the Earths’ population at the time, had acquired phaser technology.

Their answer was to accelerate the Earths development along lines that the ethically enlightened Vulcans knew would lead towards world unity, peace and prosperity.

My studies of Vulcan records of the time are inconclusive since they are uncharacteristically vague. It would appear that Vulcan relations with Earth were taken over by a faction that closely followed the teachings of Surat and recognised with growing alarm the more imperialist faction that tried to take control in the later Vulcan civil war.

I have found tantalising hints that the developing world government, based on the "New United Nations", was based on a cadre of young people who were secretly educated by the Vulcans and seeded back into their native societies. Away from national rivalries, mixing freely between ALL cultures and without indoctrination from political or idealogical blocs they were in a melting pot where a new cross-cultural philosophical outlook could grow based on a caring and ethical use of technology.

There are some radicals in Xenoarchaelogical circles who would have us believe that Earth society was revolutionised by some mysterious human organisation based in a semi-mythical fortress known as the LIEF Erikson. Whilst I cannot disprove all of the dubious scholarship it is based on, I feel a few sceptical questions will soon show that it is unlikely at the best estimate.
Where, for example, are the ruins, the artifacts that will prove its’ existence? Where did it come from and - more to the point – where did it go to? An organisation the size and complexity of one such as this might have existed in secret but, once it was destroyed, as the tales suggest, there should have been no one to keep the secrets

Indeed, the LIEF has been likened to Camelot, the legendary home of King Arthur and his knights, but this analogy cuts both ways. The historical basis for the romance of Camelot is so thin that the real Camelot and Arthur of Roman-armed Britons would in all likelyhood be unrecognisable as the origin of the medieval romance.

Searching for evidence of the LIEF Erikson is not Xenoarchaeology, it is treasure seeking and the efforts expended on it would be better used in tracing the extraterrestrial influences during this period that undoubtedly guided Earth society during this seminal period.


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